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There's a kårroť wiki now

Go here:

There's only five pages currently, besides the main page:
miraheze is a wiki hosting site that is HTML-compatible, uses MediaWiki, is free and has no ads. I am in no way affiliated with their site beyond being a very inexperienced user who has only started a few months ago. I'm just recommending it because it is amazing. Speaking of inexperience, I have no idea how to write for a wiki. If anyone has advice to give, that would be helpful!


Warning for my playlist

I realised that some of the videos on my playlist might be dsangerous to people who get seizures or headaches from flashing lights. There is now a warning on my channel description for my playlist that reads as following: WARNING: Don't watch the playlist if you can't stand rapidly flashing things. There are only a few of those, but better be safe then sorry. I am sure the classical and medieval music have no such effects (correct me if wrong), so you might want to just to keep to those. STAY AWAY FROM SONGS BY YELLO IF YOU HAVE ISSUES WITH SUCH IMAGES. Browse safely and have fun!


Video: המגפיים של ברוך

Here is a LEGO animation to go along with the Kaveret‎‎ (כוורת) classic song, Barukh's Boots (המגפיים של ברוך), which was a part of their debut album (1973), Poogy Stories (סיפורי פוגי). I am a friend of the guy who made this, and I suggest that you watch his other videos and subscribe to his channel. He also made series about pirates and clone armies, as well as various silly shorts (all in English). You can find more songs by כוורת in my playlist.


An Apology to My Readers

I haven't read the blogs on the front page for a while. It has recently come to my attention that two of the blog posts made since last time I checked Nina Paley's site were offensive posts about Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminism. I am sorry for anyone who was offended and have taken her blog off my list. I wish that I could read every blog as soon as it was posted and prevent something like this from happening again. Sadly, I can't. So, if you find links to posts like that on my blog list, feel free to contact me
As an apology, here's a dik-dik: